Amazing and Easy Grilled Fish with Herb Butter

Cooking amazing fish can be easy and almost foolproof, provided you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Use the freshest fish possible
  • Season the fish with salt before cooking
  • Throw in a little butter whenever possible
  • Don’t overcook!

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A Taste of Block Island


Since the days of horse-drawn carriages, my husband’s family has vacationed on Block Island – a tiny pear-shaped island off the coast of New England. At first they came for the therapeutic benefits of fresh salty air; later it was for the primitive beauty of the island itself (44% of the land is preserved open space).


We were engaged on Block Island – near the edge of some very steep bluffs, so saying “no” was not really an option. Now our kids look forward to their time on the island: long days at the beach, flying free with a flock of cousins.  Continue reading