Quinoa and Pecan-Crusted Chicken with Maple Dijon Sauce


Ta-da! My first ShopRite recipe has just been posted on ShopRite’s Potluck blog. Crunchy quinoa-crusted chicken and perhaps the world’s easiest (2-ingredient) sauce. Take a look here:  Quinoa and Pecan-Crusted Chicken with Maple Dijon Sauce (And be sure to “share” if you like the sound of it.)

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NYC Wine & Food Festival 2013


If you are friends with Subee’s Kitchen on Facebook, you’ve already heard the exciting news: ShopRite has asked me to join their Potluck blog community as a featured blogger! This means I’ll receive free ShopRite products to experiment with at home, and then I’ll post recipes, reviews, etc. on their Potluck blog about once a month. My bio isn’t up on the site yet, but will be coming soon! IMG_4150

As part of this new relationship, ShopRite invited me and the other Potluck bloggers to New York City last weekend for the Food Network’s 6th annual Wine & Food Festival. Here are some of the highlights. Maybe see you there next year?

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