Cat’s Meow Crumb Cake


This first day of April, especially it it’s rainy, would be a great time to bake something special for the ones you love.  


Who wouldn’t pounce at a crumb-style cake with chewy chocolate embellishments?


Homemade cakes say “I’m thinking of you,” or “thank you for all your hard work.”



Happy Baking! (And April Fools’ Day)

For cake directions, check out this site for a version with layered & frosted cakes, or this site for a version with crumbled cake and pudding. When I made my version, I crumbled up 4 Entemann’s cakes (frosting and all) and placed in the litter pan. (Like making my easy cake pop centers.) Then I topped it with the colored crumb frosting and “embellishments”. This isn’t really meant to be a gourmet experience.

For another fun (and less gross) April Fools’ Dessert, try these panna cotta “eggs” from one of my earlier posts.








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