2 thoughts on “Print Recipe

  1. Can’t wait to try this yummy recipe!! It will be on my weekend “to do” list! Found your blog from your beautiful (old) kitchen post. Perfect timing! i just picked out both the Calacatta gold counter for my island and the pietra di cardosa for the perimeter as well. However the saleswoman said that the pietra etches as well as the marble. Did you have problems with that? I am concerned because I assume it is easier to see the etching on the darker surface than the lighter one. We are almost neighbors! We just moved to Paoli but I grew up in Southern Chester County. Hope you have enjoyed Longwood Gardens and have discovered some of the fabulous antique shoppes in Chaddsford and Kennett area. My favorite little place for lunch is almost across from Longwood, there is an antique shop that houses many vendors and a little restaurant that makes wonderful mushroom soup and mushroom quiche. (Can’t remember the names of either but they are on Rte. 1) Love your inspirational photo and am happy that it led me to your blog. Hopefully you are in the midst of an another reno?!

    • Hi Laura –
      Thanks for your note! Congrats on your new kitchen. 🙂 We are also in the process of designing another kitchen. Details to follow soon! The honed pietra did etch a little, but there was so much “movement” in the stone you couldn’t tell unless you looked at it at eye level. I would still do that marble/pietra combo again. They were beautiful and made me happy every day. (Etchings and all.) This area is great: I’ve been to that antiques store and cafe numerous times and am due for another visit — this weekend, maybe!

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