Kitchen Essential: Pre-cut Parchment Sheets


I love pre-cut parchment sheets so much, and use them so often, I though they deserved their own post. These 12″x16″ sheets fit perfectly on half-sheet baking pans (another kitchen essential) – no more wrestling with parchment rolls that never quite fit right. They make cleanup a snap as well.

Check out my parchment sheets in action:

Sausage and Sun-dried Tomato-stuffed Mushrooms


The melted cheese from these oozy stuffed mushrooms would’ve been a pain to clean off the baking pan. So easy with the parchment sheets

Gougères (Ina Garten’s recipe)


Delicate cheese puffs slide right off the parchment.


Corned Beef (or Ham) & Cheddar Drop Biscuits


Quick release, easy cleanup. You’re getting the idea.


Shortcut Cake Pops


Easy, easy!


Cookies and more cookies!


You can slide the parchment sheets right off the baking pan and onto the counter or cooling rack.

Festive Peppermint Patties


Cut into smaller pieces to line cookie tins.

Cut into smaller pieces to line cookie tins.

Fold sheets and use a knife to cut into smaller pieces.

Fold sheets and use a knife to cut into smaller pieces.


Pre-Cut 12×16 Parchment Sheets

Here’s a link to the item on Amazon (disclaimer: I’m testing out the Amazon affiliate sales program and am supposed to get a sales credit if you purchase using this link). However, there are a lot of other options available shop around. Some people like the baking sheets from King Arthur Flour, but they’re quite a bit more expensive.


I use so many, I ordered a huge case last time. Big and heavy, but I keep the box in a pantry closet and pull out about 20 at a time (stored with my baking sheets so they stay flat).


Need Half Sheet Baking Pans? These are good (and reasonable!)

Baking sheet pan


Happy Baking! 

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Essential: Pre-cut Parchment Sheets

  1. I purchased a box of parchment sheets last month before baking Thanksgiving cookies and they made my job easier. In the past I would purchase the role as it’s less expensive, but the fitted sheets are worth the extra money. Thanks for sharing and so glad you are posting more often. Merry Christmas!

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