Warning: 31 Days of Crazy Ahead

There’s a whole spectrum of crazy when it comes to Halloween enthusiasm, ranging from “Appropriately Spirited” to “Get Out the Commitment Papers.” I like to think I fall somewhere in the middle – you know, having fun but keeping it real. Some of my nearest and dearest, however, think I’m a few slices short of a loaf. . .

In case you can’t tell, I’m a Ghoul Scout.

With 31 days to go until All Hallows’ Eve and the festive spirit building daily, I thought this year we’d try a Countdown Calendar Tree:

Starting with “1”, the kids will fight over – I mean, take turns  – plucking the numbers and candy off the “tree”, until nothing but spooky branches are left on Halloween Night. Simple in theory, though we’ll see how long the candy corn packets actually last.

Materials needed:

  • Several large, dead branches from the yard or nearby park (maple branches work especially well)
  • Tall, bottom-heavy vase, urn or metal bucket (this bucket has a heavy glass jar inside to help weigh it down)
  • 31 small shipping tags (from Staples)
  • Black Sharpie or ink pen
  • 31 small binder clips (also from Staples)
  • 31 packets of candy corn or Halloween candy

Arrange the branches in the container of choice.

Using the black Sharpie, print the numbers 1 – 31 on the shipping labels using your best shaky-hand lettering. (A supplemental large coffee should do the trick.) Or, find a spooky font and print out the numbers onto clear address labels.

Use the binder clips to attach the numbers and candy packets to the branches.

Let the countdown begin!

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