When life gives you 100-degree days, make lemonade. To do so you could squeeze a ton of lemons, strain out the seeds, boil some sugar and water to make simple syrup, mix it all together and make a mess of your kitchen in the process, OR – you could grab a can of MinuteMaid frozen concentrate from the freezer, add it plus 4 1/3 cans of water to a pitcher and end up with almost the same thing in less than one minute.  Sold!

I’m not sure why, but this tastes much better than the MinuteMaid premixed lemonade sold next to the orange juice. To make all-natural pink lemonade, add a few frozen raspberries to individual glasses or the whole pitcher. The more you add, the deeper the color and flavor.

During the course of this shoot we learned that frozen raspberries also make a great summer snack!

Cheers to summer!

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